Gary Holldman

My Trips (IDO 004)

Gary Holldman – My Trips EP
IDO 004 (vinyl only)
Side A: Indochina, people, nature, instruments – this is “My Trips”. It’s a story about far places and smiley people. The other 3 positions on the release are booked for “Musical Gili” – Hindu temples and incenses which let us to zone out. The second track on the side A is an atmospheric remix from Jacek Sienkiewicz’s hands, the owner of Recognition and one of the oldest Cocoon Recordings players.
On the Side B we find “Musical Gili” in original version and Michael Wolski’s remix with a strong technical accent at the end. Wolski is our man from International Day Off and TECHNOSOUL.
Release date: 12.04.2017 (This time vinyl only!)
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