Post Scriptum

Monumentum (IDO 013)

Post Scriptum – Monumentum EP
IDO 013 (digital+vinyl)
We’re happy to announce that International Day Off records became a new base for one of the most interesting characters of new wave techno in recent years – POST SCRIPTUM, whose name is already and widely known from labels such as Infrastructure New York, Ostgut Ton or Sonic Groove. This EP is a flagship example of what the sci-fi techno is. No doubt the most energetic and the most powerful sounding 3 tracks EP ever releasedon International Day Off. Everything what you will hear is concentrated on a solid base, with carefully constructed bit pulsation that marks the direction of your music powered space travel. IDO 013 is a very expressive musical proposal, a masterpiece that could be a soundtrack for landing on the Gliese 581 c.
Overall this EP is a must-have for every modern, post-industrial space traveler!